Saturday, September 14, 2013

Look at this beautiful family!!! Yes, Yes, is true - an update from the Benetti Family Austin blog!!! Not much has changed since my last post; we sold our house, bought and moved into a new house, Syd has started kindergarten, and Rose is potty training. Other than that its business as usual.

Did I already mention someone's a graduate??? Can't believe our baby girl graduated from Pre-K and is now in her 3rd week of kindergarten. I remember asking her on her first day who she met and Syd told me,"I have a new best friend, but can't remember her name just yet."
I think the biggest adjustment has been on me and Steph - daycare was so much easier, as long as we got them there at some point in the morning we were good. On the second week I already had to walk Sydney into the school office because we were late and missed the tardy bell.(I hang my head in shame) But to my defense the reason for the tardiness was because we had to stop at the grocery store to get a juice box for her lunch.

Onto looney toons Rose... this girl is dancing, singing, talking up a storm!!!  Who was previously known as "Lil Green Booger" and is now known as "Cha Cha" is finally starting to grow and the personality is growing with it.  She's moved up into a new class to at DayCare..still working on the potty training but getting there!!  

Did I mention potty training???  Here's the little one working on doing work.  She'll probably hate me when she's a teenager for this picture, but the actual photographer of this candid shot was none other than her big sis Sydney.  (I'll let you two work this out when your both older)


We sing a song to get her motivation going...."Poop on the potty, not in the underwear" then repeat 3x.  Its a catchy tune and might become a top 10 hit on the Kids Pop Chart!!!

In August, we had the annual Lee Fest LC.  Look and how cute they are (yes Ruth I'm including you in that statement too!!)  ps. Ryan/Cori - if you are reading this, how can you deny Isaac and Sydney from not growing up together.  I don't know how you could live with that on your conscience???


Rose apparently prefers the floor vs her bed - who knew that carpeting was so comfortable???  We are currently working on a photo collection documenting Roses random positions we find her in the morning.  This will be coming to a Photostream in the near future, if you have a iPhone and are interested in subscribing to the stream let me know.


Trying to take a short cut home the other night from dinner we came upon 2 peacocks behind a building.  That was the first time i seen peacocks out in the was super cool and the girls loved it!!  Finally something worked out right, since my short cut was actually longer then if I went the normal way.  
Lori - this update was for you, i'll try not to let another year go by with no update. But we'll be seeing you WI folks in a few months. Be prepared - we expect good beer (preferably something by New Glarus), good pizza, and kibosa!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

...And you thought I abandoned the Blog

As I've completely disregarded my family's constant complaint about me not updating the blog - I've decided that possibly a year between posts might have been a little bit too long (just possibly - and Lori, yes - I'm referring to you)???   But rather than trying to clue you all in to what has been going on the past year, I'll just skip right to what's going on now with the girls.  Then you can see where they were a year ago and how much they've changed.

Halloween was just around the corner and the Benetti girls lit it up with their beauty, watch out Tinker Bell Sydney the Fairy Princess is making her appearance!!!

...and for Rose we went with opposite day, her halo is really held up with her horns!!!  We all know the Terrible 2's are in full effect, but such a pretty little Angel!!!


For fun (probably more for me and Steph) our new family time turns into DANCE PARTIES.  I get such a kick out of watching them dance.  Here's a little compilation...

Not sure how many of you knew that we took in a stray cat.  It was suppose to be a foster case until we re-homed her (I mean him).  We thought the kitten was a girl, then about a month ago...we realized we were wrong.  Pippi, now has become Pippen.  I think he knows he's Sydney's cat, he seems to prefer to hang with Syd.

This cat gets into EVERYTHING...and I'm not exaggerating one bit!!!

Can't forget to root on the home team, Rose has finally grown into her Packer Cheerleader outfit.  Ready to take on the Detriot Lions tomorrow!

...GO PACK GO!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!  And to those that are traveling for the travels!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Many things have happened since my last post; Rose turned 1, Halloween, I turned 34, and today is Thanksgiving...I honestly didn't realize it has been that long since I've updated the blog, but I guess it makes sense since it was JULY!!!

On to the good baby girl is 1!!!  She has been crawling, pulling herself up on furniture and getting into everything.  Today we even found out she knows how to drink out of a sippy cup - How cool is that???

Here's a couple pictures from her first birthday!!  We have more on Steph's camera, but at the time of writing this I only had access to what I had on my phone.

Then there was Halloween.  I know I'm a month late getting this up, but bare with me... We had a great time at Target trying figure out exactly what Syd wanted to be this year.  Going into the store she had her mind set on being a pumpkin, but we had to look around and make sure that was the right choice for her.  I even got into the action and tried on a few costumes with her.  I have to admit...I was a big fan of the banana costume

In the end, she had made up her mind - Queen Bee it is!!!  Below is Syd at her Day Care's Halloween Party - How pretty is she!!!

....And of course we had to dress up Rose, some of you might recognize this costume??

We even took them to a really cool Halloween Party in Lakeway called Ghoul Fest (I think).  It was a really good time.  They had hot air balloons that the kids could go up to and get candy, face painting, balloon sculpting, and even had a band playing the whole night.  I"m really looking forward to taking them next yr.
Here's a few pictures I have of that event

Does any one remember that movie Peanut butter Solution???  If so, you'll appreciate these pictures...even Chewy and Anabelle got into the action

Rose looks like the product of the 80's, which probably explains the video clip below!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Has it been 5 yrs already?

Amazing its been 5 yrs since we have moved to Austin, (not to mention 5yrs since I said yes to Steph's wedding proposal).  In 5 yrs we accomplished a lot; we relocated across the country, had 2 wonderful kids, I'm on my 4th job in 5yrs - Steph on her 2nd, and we moved 3x times while living here...not bad for only 5 yrs!!!

For our 5th anniversary, we headed out to Fredericksburg, TX.  We were really excited to check out the vineyards and the downtown shopping area.  For anyone not familiar with Fredericksburg, its a lot like Lake Geneva, WI with respect to the town being older and lots of little shops along a downtown strip.  In true Benetti fashion, we ended up going on a weekend where there happened to be a huge Wine Festival going on.  Usually this would be good, right...not so much when there's 100's of people at one little vineyard (so much for a relaxing weekend???).  We did learn that Fredericksburg, TX is the 2nd Wine Connoisseur Destination in the US...right behind Nappa Valley -- Who knew??.  We only hit up 2 vineyards, but came home with 6 nice wine glasses we optained from the tastings and tour.  
Here's a picture taken at Grape Creek Vineyard, definitely recommend this place and I'm looking forward to going back!  Check it out Grape Creek Vineyard Website

One the way home we decided to drive past Enchanted Rock.  We thought about checking it out but it was 102 outside and both of us were tired and hungry.  So we drove through the National park and Steph would jump out of the car and take pictures, sort of a "guerrilla" style photography.  I believe the one below was taken when we pulled off the highway so Steph could get a good shot.  

Keeping in true Benetti fashion, or some might call "Benetti Luck"...Steph had to be taken to the ER on the way home.  The guerrilla method of photography must have been too much for her?  On the way home she began to feel tingling in her left hand, dizziness and nausea.  This didn't subside and the tingling also moved up her arm.  Neither of us being students of medicine, both were nervous that the tingling of the hands typically means something is up with the we made a mad dash to the ER.  After 4.5 hrs in the ER and after a MRI,CatScan,UltraSound,and Xray we found that there was a narrowing of the gap where the nerve passes through in the shoulder.  This was probably brought on by stress of mothering 3 children (33yr, 3yr, and 9 month old) or her superb posture...only God knows?  In any event, she is doing better and has some exercises to help out.

Of course what blog post would be complete with out picture of the little ones.  After all that's what you really want and are coming to the blog for...not news about me and Steph

me and Syd making happy faces together
Rose fell asleep still holding her bottle up

Did I mention that Syd began taking dancing lessons.  She is currently studying ballet, tap, and jazz.  I offered to show off some of my dancing skills, but Sydney quickly corrected me that I wasn't doing it right.  So the lessons have paid off and Sydney is my new instructorI'll get some video posted soon of her dancing

Sydney has been a huge help with Rose.  She even helps feeding her little sister.

********************BREAKING NEWS************************
Rose is well on her way to crawling.  See footage below