Saturday, September 14, 2013

Look at this beautiful family!!! Yes, Yes, is true - an update from the Benetti Family Austin blog!!! Not much has changed since my last post; we sold our house, bought and moved into a new house, Syd has started kindergarten, and Rose is potty training. Other than that its business as usual.

Did I already mention someone's a graduate??? Can't believe our baby girl graduated from Pre-K and is now in her 3rd week of kindergarten. I remember asking her on her first day who she met and Syd told me,"I have a new best friend, but can't remember her name just yet."
I think the biggest adjustment has been on me and Steph - daycare was so much easier, as long as we got them there at some point in the morning we were good. On the second week I already had to walk Sydney into the school office because we were late and missed the tardy bell.(I hang my head in shame) But to my defense the reason for the tardiness was because we had to stop at the grocery store to get a juice box for her lunch.

Onto looney toons Rose... this girl is dancing, singing, talking up a storm!!!  Who was previously known as "Lil Green Booger" and is now known as "Cha Cha" is finally starting to grow and the personality is growing with it.  She's moved up into a new class to at DayCare..still working on the potty training but getting there!!  

Did I mention potty training???  Here's the little one working on doing work.  She'll probably hate me when she's a teenager for this picture, but the actual photographer of this candid shot was none other than her big sis Sydney.  (I'll let you two work this out when your both older)


We sing a song to get her motivation going...."Poop on the potty, not in the underwear" then repeat 3x.  Its a catchy tune and might become a top 10 hit on the Kids Pop Chart!!!

In August, we had the annual Lee Fest LC.  Look and how cute they are (yes Ruth I'm including you in that statement too!!)  ps. Ryan/Cori - if you are reading this, how can you deny Isaac and Sydney from not growing up together.  I don't know how you could live with that on your conscience???


Rose apparently prefers the floor vs her bed - who knew that carpeting was so comfortable???  We are currently working on a photo collection documenting Roses random positions we find her in the morning.  This will be coming to a Photostream in the near future, if you have a iPhone and are interested in subscribing to the stream let me know.


Trying to take a short cut home the other night from dinner we came upon 2 peacocks behind a building.  That was the first time i seen peacocks out in the was super cool and the girls loved it!!  Finally something worked out right, since my short cut was actually longer then if I went the normal way.  
Lori - this update was for you, i'll try not to let another year go by with no update. But we'll be seeing you WI folks in a few months. Be prepared - we expect good beer (preferably something by New Glarus), good pizza, and kibosa!!!


  1. Love the update! Miss you all so much!!!!

  2. See ya in November. I should (better) be off that weekend!